Top Coat Products

Top Coat Products
Top Coat Products

Non-Slip Safety Solutions offers a wide range of unique concrete/masonry safety coatings and sealing processes. The finished application and application processes exceed the industry standards for quality, installation time, durability, and are environmental friendly.

Most concrete/masonry floor coating installers continue to use outdated preparation standards and inferior coating products. Non-Slip Safety Solutions differs in the following ways:

  • TESTED – All products have been thoroughly tested for Chemical Resistance, Stain Resistance and C.O.F. (Co-efficient of Friction) and the information is available upon request. The end result is a floor surface engineered for lasting beauty and trouble-free maintenance.
  • SUPERIOR PRODUCTS – we exclusively use Water-Based, non-corrosive products with very low V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and is 100% user friendly. Because of its unique chemistry, it is far superior to any Urethane coatings in the industry today.
  • UV STABLE – allowing for excellent color and gloss protection for both interior and exterior applications.
  • FLEXIBILITY – compared to typical Urethane coatings, this product is more flexible.
  • CHEMICAL & STAIN RESISTANT – virtually all common residential and commercial compounds (including oil, paint, marker, etc.) can be easily wiped off the surface using a mild solvent with no damage caused.
  • EASY CLEANUP – all application tools and equipment can be washed immediately after use with warm water and mild detergent.