Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Regarding Non-Slip
Questions Regarding Non-Slip

Q: What is “NSSS / SRS”?
A. “NSSS / SRS” is a slip resistive penetrating sealer specifically designed to raise and maintain the co-efficient of friction (C.O.F.) on hard mineral surface flooring i.e. ceramic tile, porcelain tile, quarry tile, terrazzo, granite, and porcelain bathtubs; guaranteeing a slip resistive environment.

Q. What is Co-efficient of Friction (C.O.F.)?
A. C.O.F. is the measurement of traction on a surface. 0.5 and above is considered safe. Most surfaces are between 0.3 and 0.4 when wet. NSSS treated surfaces reach 0.68 to 0.78.

Q. What kind of a guarantee does a NSSS treated surface have?
A. NSSS provides a four year written warranty.

Q. Will it change the appearance of the floor?
A. Most surfaces have little to no changes in colour. NSSS makes sure prior to any application that the surface has been pre-tested to ensure appearance is not affected.

Q. Is there any special maintenance needed?
A. Regular maintenance procedures should be followed. An appropriate Cleaner/Degreaser and proper cleaning practice is all that you require.

Q. Is there any down time to my establishment?
A. NSSS is usually applied at your convenience, meaning when your regular business hours are over. Average installation time is 1 ½ hrs. per 500 sq. ft. of surface. There is NO down time. You can walk on the treated area right away.