The Next Generation in Floor Safety Solutions!

Non-Slip Safety Solutions is one of the fastest growing slip-resistant floor safety companies in north america. We have developed a revolutionary slip-resistant floor safety treatment system, proven to guarantee a safe surface environment without altering the integrity of the surface, making it safer than ever before imagined, wet or dry! Our products are specifically designed to create a slip-resistant surface that is not only economical, but fast and easy to apply. Our products are specially formulated to react with hard mineral surfaces such as: Ceramic, Porcelain Tile, Granite, Marble, Slate, Terrazzo, Glazed Brick and Concrete.

Non-Slip Safety Solutions goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive floor safety program through our network of trained professional application specialists who will provide a solid foundation for slip/fall prevention by:


  • Increasing the Co-efficient of Friction (C.O.F.) of the floor surface to a safety compliance that exceeds the minimum value of 0.50.
  • Recording the (C.O.F.) conditions of the surface treated before, during and after application, using an American Slip Meter (Model ASM 825 static co-efficient of friction test meter).
  • Providing documentation to demonstrate that a proper degree of due diligence has been initiated by you, the client, indicating your commitment to slip and fall prevention.
  • Providing a recommended daily maintenance program to assist in maintaining the C.O.F. and sustaining the safety benchmark achieved through our Slip Resistive Treatment.